At the Old Oast all dogs are accommodated in our superb modern purpose-built 'Dog House'. It is one of a kind and so much so we believe it to be of the highest standards of boarding facilities in the country and so we welcome all customers and their dogs to come and visit us for a full inspection and chat.

All Dogs are housed in their own large private room and have constant access to an outside run. We welcome are customers to bring any of their dogs bedding and toys so their pet can feel at home and settle in with us as soon as possible.

The 'Dog House' is fully heated during the winter months and nice and cool during the summer periods, just like our own homes we live in.

Exercise, Fun, Games & Cuddles

In 2008 the Old Oast celebrates it 20th Anniversary and what those years have shown us is that dogs are most content during their stay when given exercise and stimulation according to their individual needs. At the Old Oast we have two individual paddocks where some dogs can find calmness and acclimatisation to their surroundings and a further large paddock where we have handlers to provide as much as exercise as possible to our residents. We have a surplus of balls and kongs to provide fun and games so that they can benefit further from their interactive routine.

With other individuals and older residents we ensure they are provided with more gentle exercise and have a petting routine whereby we sit down with them giving them the cuddles and all the care they need as maturing dogs.

Old Oast Cattery

Each cat at the Old Oast is provided with its individual pen, cattery house and run. Our Cattery is often described as 'rustic' as it allows our feline residents the sense of the outside world while being securely accommodated into their own private facility. Every Cattery is supplied with its own hand made wooden house, allowing our residents their own privacy or the choice to laze out and take in their tranquil surroundings.

Each cat is given its own heated bed to give them the warmth they need in the winter periods and during the summer the Cattery is designed to be cool, ensuring their comfort at all times.

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